Radian 5215B og 5215BeB

15″ koaksialelement med kompresjonsdriver

15″ kokasialelement med 2″ exit kompresjonsdriver. 615 watt AES effekttålighet. 90 graders konisk spredning. Tilgjengelig med 8 eller 16 ohm høyfrekvent membran samt aluminium eller beryllium membran. Kan brukes med Radians sitt 324/15 delefilter.

Produkt Pris Kategori
Radian 5215B kr 6805 Koaksialelement
Radian 5215BeB kr 10325 Koaksialelement

Krever delefilter. Passer med Radian 324/15.
5215B utgaven er med aluminium membran.
5215BeB er med beryllium membran.


The Radian 5215B coaxial loudspeaker brings the best of 2″ compression driver technology together with an excellent high performance 15″ low frequency transducer. The 5215B utilizes a 4″ voice coil for the low frequency transducer and a full 3″ voice coil in the compression driver. This transducer system is capable of producing extremely high SPL, 127 dB continuous. This output is achieved over a bandwidth of 45 Hz to 20 kHz with 5 dB down points with 130 dB peak output levels. Applications for the 5215B include demanding sound reinforcement main and monitor systems, and high ceiling convention center/ballroom installations where high SPL transducers are required. The 5215B are normally equipped with an 8 ohm woofer and 8 ohm compression driver. A 16 ohm compression driver impedance is available on order.