Radian 5212B og 5212BeB

12″ kokasialelement med kompresjonsdriver

12″ kokasialelement med 1″ exit kompresjonsdriver. 375 watt AES effekttålighet. 90 graders konisk spredning. Tilgjengelig med 8 eller 16 ohm høyfrekvent membran samt aluminium eller beryllium membran. Kan brukes med Radians sitt 322/12 delefilter.

Produkt Pris Kategori
Radian 5212B kr 4015 Koaksialelement
Radian 5212BeB kr 9150 Koaksialelement

Krever delefilter. Passer med Radian 322/12.
5212B utgaven er med aluminium membran.
5212BeB er med beryllium membran.

• Designed for high SPL applications where precise 90° conical coverage in a compact coaxial system is required
• ideal for small to medium cinema room surround systems for immersive digital audio formats
• 750 W continuous program power
• dual magnet design with independent magnetic gaps eliminates flux modulation and dramatically reduces intermodulation distortion in HF range
• 1” HF driver diaphragm made from proprietary hardened aerospace grade Aluminum alloy with highest tensile strength to weight ratio and superior long term fatigue resistance
• heat stabilized polymer suspension ensures low distortion at high peak SPL and long term stability in most demanding applications
• high performance edge-wound ribbon wire voice coils with high performance adhesives for maximum reliability
• extended to 30 kHz frequency range
• high transparency and resolution
• optional premium XO
• optional matching 70V transformers
• HF driver with 16 ohms impedance option

5212B-data sheet 042117

Nominal diameter 12”/305mm
Rated impedance 8 Ω
Power handling ¹ 375 W
Continuous program power ² 750 W
Sensitivity³ 95 dB
Rated frequency range⁴ 50 Hz – 30 kHz
Coverage angle ⁵ 90° conical
Recommended XO frequency 1.2 kHz
Minimum impedance 6.8 Ω
Cone material Paper/Kevlar composite
Voice coil diameter 76.2 mm (3”)
Voice coil winding edge wound ribbon
Voice coil wire copper clad Aluminum
Voice coil former Fiberglass
Displacement limit for VC 17 mm
Voice coil winding height 16 mm
Magnetic gap height 9.5 mm
Suspension M-roll, Poly-cotton
Magnet Ferrite ring
Frame Cast Aluminum
Recommended enclosure volume 40 – 80 L ( 1.4-2.8 ft³)

Thiele-Small parameters
Fs 62 Hz
Sd 500 cm2
Re 6.0 Ω
Qms 9.2
Qes 0.44
Qts 0.42
Vas 58.4 dm³ (L)
Cms 0.15 mm/N
Mms 45.5 g
BL 15.5 N/A
Le 1.4 mH
Xmax⁶ 5.6 mm

Nominal exit diameter 1”/25.4
Rated impedance 8 Ω (16 Ω optional)
Power handling ¹ 40 W
Continuous program power ² 80 W
Sensitivity³ 107 dB
Rated frequency range⁴ 800 Hz – 30 kHz
Min. XO frequency (12dB/oct.) 1.2kHz
Dome/surround material Aluminum alloy/polymer
Voice coil diameter 44 mm ( 1.5”)
Voice coil winding edge wound ribbon
Voice coil wire Aluminum
Magnet Ferrite ring