Modex Edge and Super Edge

Broadband pressure bass trap


Modex Edge is a triangular shaped bass absorbent with great broadband performance. This is the bass trap we sell with the lowest effect in frequency. Perfect for placement in corners but can also be placed other places. Comes in two sizes.

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From 30-500 Hz (Edge) or 20-500 Hz (Super Edge)

The measurements below show a room before and after treatment with a fair number of Modex Edge. The effect is clearly seen down towards 20 Hz.


Like the other Modex line products, Modex Edge is a VPR bass trap. It is pressure based with great efficiency close to the surfaces, but doesn’t suffer from limited bandwidth like many other pressure based absorbents do. The unique patented model gives a broad bandwidth performance, which makes it possible to tame the standing waves and its negative effect to a large degree in a room.

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In most rooms there’s the greatest build up of bass in trihedral corners, where the three surfaces meet. With its triangular shape, Modex Edge fits in theses places perfectly and they can be stacked to the ceiling for the best result. Can also be placed at the rear wall and front wall if one can allow the space it takes.

Press here for Edge standard

Press here for Super Edge

Both versions can be made in other heights in order to customize for stacking to the ceiling

Weight: From 32 kg

Wrapped with the desired fabric and wood framing.

Modex Edge is simply placed in corners or at other sufaces and can be stacked up to three units