Diffuser and scattering unit


The RPG Harmonix is a visual different and pleasing product with mid and high frequency diffusion and scattering. Sold in gypsum and Kydex plastic where the gypsum version absorbs very little and the Kydex has higher absorption. Can be mounted in a T-bar grid in the ceiling or on walls.

Prisene er i norske kroner og er inklusive moms. Frakt kommer i tillegg.

Navn Størrelse (mm) Finish Pris
K Kydex 600 x 600 x 120 Hvit kr 1065
G Gips 600 x 600 x 120 Gips kr 830
Maling kr 400

RPG’s patented «Shape Optimize and Aperidic Modulation of a Single Assymetric Base Shape» tehnology is utilized to contruct a product with different and interesting surface that gives more associations to a sculpture rather than an acoustic device. The center in each panel is asymmetric while the sides are identical. This makes combining many units together and reduce periodic effect which would lead to lobing and a less uniform diffusion and scattering. Thus, with the aperiodic patented model of Harmonix, one achieves a more constant and even coverage with the use of several.

The frequency range of the diffusion and scattering of Harmonix is relatively limited, which can be seen in the measurements below. However, by adding two units together, doubling the depth, it’s possible to achieve diffusion down to approximately 500 Hz. The measurements below do not show this.

Graph below shows the effect of the gypsum version.
Harmonix G acoustic data

The graph below shows the effect of the Kydex version.
Harmonix K acoustic data

600 (h) x 600 (b) x 120 (d) mm

Weight: Kydex 3 kg, Gypsum 7 kg

White (Kydex) or gypsum
Or any RAL colour

T-bar grid in the ceiling or with hidden battens for wall mounting.